I Started Taking Vitamins, Here's Why I'll Never Go Back


Hey folks! 

Toronto has been killing the cold weather. Seriously though, it ain’t cool. My fingers are thawing out as I type this. I’ve never been reminded so rudely about how important self-care is during these months. I’ve come to realize that my normal day-to-day routine hasn’t done much for me except stress me out, make me tired and constantly wish I was somewhere, sipping a piña colada on the beach. I know I’m not just describing myself here- so for those of you looking for a change, keep reading. 

I’ve always thought of my diet and routine to be relatively healthy. I eat my fruits and veggies, I drink my water, I mind my business. Yet, no matter how many dietary changes I made, I still found that I didn’t feel as alive as I used to. We all know that growing up equals more responsibilities, and seemingly, less time to do them. Days, weeks, months fly by and before you know it, your to-do list hasn’t budged. I was desperate to find something-- a non-cliché power-food if you will- that would give me that sense of livelihood I thirsted for. 

 So, queue vitamins. I have a sort of on-and-off relationship with vitamins for about 3 years now. I started subscribing to Hum Nutrition newsletters just to get a bit more information about how they’re actually supposed to work. Keep in mind, I rarely remember to take my vitamins on the daily. 

I got super excited when they reached out to me to work with them to tell you lovely folks all about the amazing things packed into these little bad-boys. I’ve only been taking them for about 2 weeks now, and I’ve noticed significant changes. So- let’s get started.

You know how everyone has that little thing on their body that bothers them? That one thing, that no matter how much you exercise, how much you eat salads…it still won’t go away? Yeah. That’s my relationship with my tummy. I always thought it was just that I couldn’t possibly get rid of it, until I was introduced to my problems with indigestion. I found myself to be bloated daily, without any real reason for it. After taking Flatter Me, I found that it genuinely took care of my little-pooch problems. I feel better after the foods I eat, and let’s just say, my system runs a little bit smoother than it used to.

Truthfully, I feel like a broken record with the amount of times I say this— but yes, I am indeed a full time student, with a job and of course, my lovely space of internet here. I’m never not tired. Naps never sound like a bad idea to me. Ever. It’s a talent of mine, being able to fall asleep in nearly any setting at any time- including parties. Über Energy hasn’t had a huge effect on me just yet, (patience, young grasshopper. It’s only been two weeks!)- but I do feel slight changes in my ability to peel myself out of bed in the mornings. I feel more refreshed and more well rested.

For those of you who watched my collaboration with Lilli-Pads owner Elaine Kao- you know that my period S U C K S. Every possible horrible symptom you can think of- I have it. Joint pain? Check. Swollen breasts (which I usually love except…they HURT) Check. Weight gain and bloatedness? Check annnnd check. This little bad boy has actually helped. FINALLY. Although I did have some cramps and back pain yesterday (patience again, it’s been two weeks), other symptoms that usually flare up around 1-2 weeks before my period either dialed down or didn’t show up. Score.

Last but not least- OMG! Omega the Great. I usually start off my days with this, because I randomly read somewhere that oils help other vitamins absorb? Don’t quote me. Like I said, I’m still pretty new to all of this.

Being that it is winter, I was excited to see what this could do for my body. I can’t say I’ve felt any drastic changes, BUT- my skin has cleared up and gotten a little bit more colour, which is phenomenal when you live where I live (basically in the arctic rn, smh).

Overall, I’ve been infatuated with the design and concept of #HumNutrition for so long and I’m so glad I’m finally getting the chance to use them. I’m not getting paid to say ANY of this btw. As I mentioned in previous posts, I’ve chosen to make one of my largest goals this year, to actively try to take better care of myself beyond retail therapy (which surprise! ain’t all that good for you) and face masks. Hum Nutrition really pushes beauty where you #startwithin and work your way out. You gotta get your insides right if you want your outsides to look right. Yenno?

I’m still on this journey towards a healthier me. “I’m regret taking better care of myself”- said no one ever.

Since I’m only just starting with these vitamins, be sure to check back for updates on how I’m feeling!


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