What's In YOUR Pads + Tampons?!

Hi Curlfriends!

I got the chance to sit and chat with the lovely Elaine Kao, founder of Lilli-Pads organic feminine hygiene products.

Ever since I got my period at the tender age of 11, I've experienced almost every horrible symptom possible. Cramps, headaches, joint-pain, swollen (which is great until it HURTS) breasts, back pain, constipation, bloating, weight gain- you name it. I even remember fainting in highschool due to pain. Periods have never been easy for me, and every doctor has either prescribed birth control or painkillers.

For 2019, I've decided to put more thought into my physical wellbeing. That means eating healthier and focusing in on a healthier lifestyle, as opposed to tasks.


In our conversation, Elaine and I touch on the nitty-gritty reality of what conventional feminine products could be doing to your body.

Check out our video that forces you to ask what you're doing to your body- and how to stop.


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I want to know…what have your experiences been like with your period? Does this information make you want to switch? It sure made me think twice before trusting what’s just on the shelf!