3 Outfits to Save You in Transition Weather

Hello Lovelies! 

As the leaves start to turn and the mornings get chillier- the afternoons are getting…warmer? The weather is ambiguous as can be which can only mean one thing- transition weather. You know, those days where you leave home and its borderline freezing (as in, you can see your breath), and then by the time it reaches lunchtime, you’re sweating everywhere and you’re not sure how it happened? 

Yeah. Transition weather. 

Luckily, I love a good challenge. Figuring out how to combat this weather with my wardrobe as best I can was genuinely fun. Since I’m your friend (hey friend!), I decided to share my secrets to overcoming transition weather. 

Whether it be Summer-to-Fall or Spring-to-Summer, use these tips to weather the storm!

1. Oversized Blazer

I love wearing oversized blazers during transition weather. Not only do they add a little roomy-flare to your look, but they keep you warm when they need it the most! This look is better in the warm-to-chilly stage. Think warm day-evening, chilly night type outfit. The shorts and the top keep you cool, the blazer keeps you toasty. Balance.

2. Cardi-Party

I love me a good cardigan, and I’m so excited that shorter, more structured cardigans are in season. I found this little beauty at Dynamite, and it has done wonders for this bit of temperamental weather. Pairing long-sleeves with short bottoms is a great way to hold balance when the weather is as indecisive as you are. The denim skirt topped off the cozy-city-chic look with a hint of effortlessness. Are you sweating or is it highlight? They’ll never know.

3. Culotte Coverage

I’ve had a weird, nearly romantic obsession with culottes because they’re perfect in any weather- especially transition weather. There’s a great variety of lengths, allowing you to achieve more or less breeze while wearing them. The balancing takes place upside-down now, with bare arms and covered legs- but feel free to play around with this one! This type of look is perfect from day-time right up to cute evenings. Play around with long-sleeves and shorter bottoms to keep it fresh.

Let’s not pretend that this odd weather isn’t due to a world that is falling apart with the blood on the hands of those in power. Climate change is REAL. Here’s a worthy cause to donate to. Research how you can take steps towards a healthier earth each and every day.