Cali Girl

Greetings loved ones! (snoop Dogg voice),

I usually don’t blog too much about travelling, but this time around I was dead excited. After years and years of learning and reciting the theme song of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,  I finally got the chance to travel to the beautiful state of California. I had always dreamed of what it would be like to be a California Girl (queue Katy Perry), and I finally had the chance to taste it á la carte. 

I was heading down for a wedding, accompanied by my sister and my grandmother. First of all— let me just show you how gorgeous my cousin, her husband and this wedding was:

It was myself and my sister’s first time as bridesmaids and what a honour it was. I was so excited to witness black love live in action. Everything came together so wonderfully. Please, join me in congratulation Mr. and Mrs. Earl Henry!!! 

Check out more photos from the gorgeous night  here!

Check out more photos from the gorgeous night here!

Aside from the wedding, I tried to fit in as many other fun activities as I could in a short 4-day span. I’ve never been a pro at packing light, but this time around I really didn’t have much of a choice. I had to be smart with my choices and ensure that they fit to suit the San Diego sun. I like my choice of vintage clothes, which many of you know translates to— “I raided my grandma’s closet and found these gems”. What I loved most about this look is the classy feel it gave off, and my ability to make it look like I tried way harder than I did. Besides, loving fashion doesn’t mean I have to be dressed the the 9’s all the time- but why not look like it? 

While we were in San Diego, we stayed at the Hilton in Rancho Bernardo. I found a quaint little court-area to pull off this shoot, which to me, completed the look even more.

Here’s a look at my first documented San Diego look! 

vintage button-up dress + chain belt + rectangle bag


And of course, I threw together a lil’ shookbook to add to that daily dose of fresh. Take a look below:


signature ecb (this).jpeg