denim x denim

Hey Curlfriends! 

One thing I adore about fashion (and where I stand on the spectrum), is playing around with pieces to create an entire look that stands out from the things I see or the things I might usually wear. The first time I pulled a Canadian tuxedo, I hadn’t seen anyone pair two pieces quite like that. I felt that the cropped jacket paired flawlessly with the denim culottes, pulling together a clean, yet authentic Canadian tux. Even better? The white snow contrasted amazingly with the dark denim. I aimed for it to create a hot-and-cool look; warm in denim, cool in the snow. I figured this time around, I’d challenge myself with denim again- except this time, something completely new, and something I haven’t seen. Something a little lighter, a bit more fun and a bit more dynamic.

While the challenge itself didn’t seem prove daunting- it was genuinely difficult to achieve. Picture this: a scene in a movie, where everything in the closet is being thrown all over the protagonists bedroom. A tornado flew around my room…

yeah.  It was a mess- but the same way the protagonist finally pulls together a flawless look Is how my little scene ended.

Sometimes when I style things for my blog, I freak out and start to feel insecure about what I’ve chosen to wear. I’m constantly being watched (aren’t we all?) and sometimes, when I fail to trust my own skills, it manifests through being stared at or asked why I decided to pair pieces together. Mind you, it’s likely that no one who’s asking me about my outfit is meaning to criticize it or judge it- they simply want to know. My own insecurities lead me to believe that these interactions aren’t positive- and that’s not fun at all. It’s how the human mind tends to navigate sometimes. When we’re insecure about something, we’re in tune with whenever someone does as much as glance in our direction. But think about this for a sec- what if we were just….shameless? What if we didn’t care at all whether someone likes or dislikes what we’ve chosen? What if we trusted our own creativity more than anyone else’s opinion? What if we actually vet for ourselves over and over again? What would that look like for you?

What I appreciated most about this challenge, is that it taught me to trust myself and my creativity. Just because it takes longer or requires more effort to put together an outfit I like, doesn’t magically mean I’ve lost the ability to accurately express myself through styling. This mentality lies more within being completely comfortable with myself, and being confident in the choices I’ve made- down to which socks I chose to wear for the day.

From this ensemble alone, I was able to begin my journey towards trusting my creativity. I encourage you to consume less and create more. Don’t look to instagram as a validation for any of your work-  especially yourself. Create, create some more, and after that? Create and TRUST the process. 

Now, without further ado, here’s my rendition of a more fun, multi-dimensional Canadian Tuxedo. Perfect fit for the occassion, no?

Happy Canada Day my loves! 


vintage denim jacket // old navy denim jeans // xxi sunnies // vintage waist-chain // charming charlie clutch