Hi Lovely people!

I hope you’re all doing well.

My reading week has sadly come to an end- but I’m extremely grateful for the few lessons I learned. Being the way I am, I don’t work well when I have an accumulating list of things to do- no one does. The worst thing about it? The longer the list gets, the less you actually do, the less productive you are and the more overwhelmed you feel.

I took this past week to really settle down and find a schedule that worked best for me. Every student understands that during reading week, we often use that time to catch up on rest, food, more rest, parties— and more rest. Little-to-no reading really gets done. As I’ve gone through my post secondary career, I’ve continued to learn and shift to get the most out of my reading week without feeling like I completely wasted it by resting, or completely wasting it by studying the whole time. Here are just a few tips (that are transferrable to any break, really!) to get ish together for the perfect reboot:

  1. Actually Rest.

    The time you spend resting should be doing that alone. No facebook, twitter, instagram, netflix- nada. Spend this time as though the space in your brain is competely filled with white space of nothingness. Do- nothing. Give your mind, body and soul the reboot it needs.

  2. Learn your work patterns.

    Everybody works differently. Some work best under stress, some work best with lots of time to time to plan and work towards completing a task. Some, like me- are right in between. Find out how you work and be compliant with it. Don’t work against it- it won’t help. I usually try to work a bit on each task each day, depending on how big and how important it may be. The more time you take finding out how you work, the better you’ll be able to understand yourself, and get things done in the long run.

  3. Get Active.

    Aside from rest- getting your body moving is yet another way to get your mind (and body- literally) running. During the break, I tried a few different ways to get my body moving just as a release of energy. It was a way for me to take a break, but still be productive in a way that wasn’t centered around school or work- but around myself and my own needs. You can only be the best you when you put you first- so get crackin’!

Overall- I can honestly say that this reading week was one of the best of my post secondary career. If only I had known this during my first year…. *sigh*. BUT- what I appreciate most is learning that I am able to take hold of my breaks in a way that still allow me to enjoy myself while minimizing the amount of anxiety that often builds up. I hope this was able to help you too!

Without further ado- here’s a look at my outfit I shot this week:


vintage men’s blazer + jeans // bentley fanny pack // nine west ankle-cut booties // mendocino small sunglasses


How do you plan to tackle your to-do list?