Hi Folks!

I hope you’re all doing well. If you remember my IG post a few weeks back- you’ll recall my lil’ spiel about something called creativity.

Like many of you, I’m always busy. Always moving from one place to another, studying, writing and trying to fit in some sort of a social life here and there. Sometimes, my creativity gets lost in the many different realms I fall into daily. Unfortunately for me, endless to-do lists often don’t include a “spend an hour to simply create” task. sigh

So, I changed that. I try each day to let at least a little bit of creativity flow. This time around, I pulled together this look just by trying something completely new. Turtle-necks have been a huge yes this season- I practically live in them now. And the satin slip actually belongs to my mom. I was doing the laundry…and you know…I casually slipped it on. I loved the look more than I excpected, buuuuut it was -25 outside. In other words, I was NOT leaving my house.

I decided to try and sculpt a set that would showcase the look in a natural light. What better, than to shoot with plants?

And so, I got started. I grabbed a sheet, laid it out on the ground and got to it.

Usually, I’d forget about shooting and just sit in bed, scrolling on IG. I’ve come to realize that some of the greatest time-wasters do a superb job at blocking my ability to create at all. Learning this has been such a huge stepping point in allowing me to unlock the creativity blocks I have so often. Just allowing myself to think and create without searching for reference or “inspo” made all the difference. It allowed me to pull this together:


winners leopard satin slip / Uniqlo ribbed turtle neck / ardene belt / wishbone boots


Long story short— sometimes it takes a little while to go back into that creative flow. I’m still on the road towards finding what my ritual is…but getting back there is the goal. Progress…not perfection.

How do you get yourself back into that creative flow?



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