Hey folks!

I decided to venture out even further and face my fear of shooting “in public” again. One thing 2019 has taught me so far is that if I don’t believe in myself- who tf will? And yeah, I know it’s a super cliché but when you really take the time to believe in what you’re doing or what you create- the universe will shift to adjust to that. I’ve been realizing that the more I allow my creativity to flow in-and-around me, I’m creating better, stronger content. In this competition against myself- I’m winning!

I’m really excited to continue to share my art with you all, as I have been doing for many years now. The changes I hope to bring are to show you all a deeper side of me. Beyond fashion, there are so many things I hope to express and discuss with you all. I hope you’ll stick around! In the meantime take a look at this outfit I put together. If there’s anything I love more that dressing up- it’s feeling like I’ve outdone myself in a bomb-ass outfit.

Take a look:


ardene knit sweater // zara trousers // winners boots + coat

Check out the Shookbook for Crimson below!

Make sure you take the time you need to get back into the full-swing of things! Don’t rush back into a fast-paced life. Give yourself that time to wake up, sip some coffee and ease your way back in. Your body + mind + spirit will thank you!


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