Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Launch

Cheers lovely people!! 

Last week I was invited to the Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure launch event in Toronto. I was honoured to be invited and I had a great time learning more about the products they had available for all different types of hair. The basis around the BC Bonacure line is that it's a "a full range of haircare products inspired by popular skincare ingredients." You can expect to find some of your favourite skincare ingredients embedded in the technology of these haircare products!

For the simple fact that I have kinky hair, I usually shy away from any sort of haircare that isn't created specifically for people with my hair type. Keeping this in mind, I still attended the event with the hopes of finding something that would aid my often dry, sometimes brittle hair. Here's a look at how the event went:

As soon as we walked in, there was a very clean setup showcasing all of their products included in the release. 

an ice block with the company name AND roses? Creative!

their decor was gorgeous! Everything fit the "scientific" theme of their products- including the facilitators! They wore very chic lab coats to match!

After a big of mingling- came drinks!

my drink of choice was 'the niagara'. It was a very strong drink, and truthfully, not my favourite. BUT- I'll admit I was wooed by the presentation!

Following some drinks, we took a look around at the different displays around the venue to seek out which products would aid in whatever our hair issues were.  We went to a demonstration table which used Jenga as a way to explain the technology behind the "BC Repair Rescure" line. It was lots of fun and super informative!

here I am...trying to not be the ONE person who ruins the display...and knocks everything over. *sigh*.

As we made our way around the rest of the room, I came across a single demonstration table that seemed to directly solve my hair problems. To my surprise, a fellow curly-girl was on the scene and gave me all the information I needed. I was extremely impressed and proud to see that Schwarzkopf had made it a priority to include ladies with different hair textures- points awarded to Schwarzkopf! I haven't tried this product out just yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing what it can do: 

not only did it seem to target what I needed- but there was an entire display inspired by its look. I hope it works as good as it looks!

All-in-all, the Schwarzkopf event was well thought out and a great experience. I hope to see more from them in the near future!

A huge thank you to Schwarzkopf Canada for the invite. I'm glad to know that you value diversity in your customers.  

BTW- You can follow more events like these on my instagram.

See you all soon!



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