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Hey Folks!!! 

School is back in session and I am now fully immersed in my final year of my undergraduate degree. Geez! My post secondary career has flown by and I am nothing short of grateful for all of the different things I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. Although I’m not finished yet, it’s still setting in that this is my last year. The light at the end of the tunnel is nearing! 

That being said- while fashion has been a passion of mine for most of my life, you can best believe that there are (many, many) days, where something oversized and comfy is the only thing reach for in my wardrobe. Sometimes *fashun is hard* (as @francetajohnson has let us know), and realistically, I’m not in the mood for pairing a high-scale, layered, statement look- and that’s okay! I think it’s important to have a  balance between the two. I don’t advocate for wearing pyjamas out of the house (it’s literally against my entire being)- but I will absolutely slap on something comfy and run whatever necessary errands.

I must say I've grown more and more of an appreciate for athleisure overtime. I find that it's easy to dress up or down, and quite frankly, it's comfortable yet can be fashionable enough to wear almost anywhere. Don't get me wrong, I love a pair of cute heels, but would I ever sacrifice comfort for style? Do you even know me?!?!? 

It's the worst, having an outfit malfunction, but athleisure literally thwarts these mishaps simply because the clothing is made to fit as you move. As a full time student with two jobs and a hefty commute- I don't just enjoy comfort- I need it. Athleisure- I thank you for presenting yourself this summer. We've become very close, and I'd like the stay friends- long term. 

I pulled together some biker shorts- which have definitely become a staple in my closet- with an over-sized long sleeve top. Although I’m not the biggest athleisure fan, I was still an avid athlete in high school, and that level of comfort and freedom of movement has stuck with me to date. I try my best to tie comfort into everything I wear, but nothing beats sweats or clothes made to suit lots of movement. Here’s a look at what I pulled together for a fun filled day with friends: 

giant tiger biker shorts / fila disruptor II's / sza concert longsleeve / bentley fanny pack

from sza's hit 'broken clocks'

You can’t go wrong with comfort! 

How do you balance upscale looks with being comfy?



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