Cheers everyone! 

As I’ve expressed before, it’s been difficult sliding back into school-mode. I’m finding that if I don’t really apply myself, things won’t get done. Because I’ve been so motivated in the past, I have never found it challenging to sit down and start working on my assignments/readings etc. This year is different, and I’m finding that I really have to work towards ensuring I hold myself accountable.

Since I often have 15+ hour days outside of the house (I know...I get tired just reading that), I’ve had to really pay attention to wearing clothes that suit most, if not all my different roles and commitments. It’s hard for me to ever imagine putting together a boring look to satisfy school, work. It's a spit in the face to my creative imagination- so I don’t! I like to have fun with it and dress casual things up, while dressing more upscale clothing down. I find it fascinating to contrast two looks to morph it into one, clean versatile style. 

There are three rules I follow when putting these types of looks together. 

1. Comfort.
2. Weather appropriate
3. Environmentally appropriate.

Comfort is always key, particularly when you’re on the go day in-day out! I strive to make sure I feel comfortable in every piece I have. What’s the point in wearing something uncomfortable? I literally ruins my entire day when I do. Yuck.

Ensuring something is weather appropriate is important, too. Right now, the GTA is experiencing some serious mood-swings in its weather, and it’s suddenly hot here again- as if summer never left! 

No one wants to be shivering and cold nor sweaty and sticky. Wear appropriate clothes for the weather and you’re SET. For example, I was sure to layer my outfit this morning since it was only about 13 degrees celsius when I left home, versus 27 degrees celsius by early afternoon. By that point, I'm able to peel layers away to cool off. See? Balance.

By environmentally appropriate, I mean ensuring that your outfit suits where you are or where you’re headed. You don’t want to be the one person who’s underdressed- ever. Make sure you stay within the dress code (always with a twist, of course. You want to stand out!) and make it your own! You want to stick out like a sore thumb in a good way.

Remember these tips when you’re putting together any outfit- especially if you're on the go. I live by them! It helps me make sure I’m not *always* sacrificing comfort for fashion-  if ever.
I chose to put together a blazer with a pair of laid-back dad jeans. I find that pairing 'professional' with 'non-professional' can give the perfect look to balance it all out. Not to mention- I searched through my grandpa's closet for only 5 minutes before finding these gem denim jeans, all for the price of free.99. Score! If your workplace is a bit more uptight about their dress code, switch the jeans out for a pair of loose, pleated trousers. Your body will thank you!

Here’s a look at a very comfortable outfit I put together to suit Toronto’s sudden September heat wave:

xxi blazer // zara bodysuit // vintage denim jeans // call it spring peep-toe booties

I looove my accessories- particularly this gorgeous ring my Annalay Accessories!



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