Garden (Say It Like Dat)

Cheers everyone!
Welcome back. We’re nearing the end of August- which doesn’t even really make much sense. But, it’s here, and it’s not accommodating to anyone. 
If you’ve read my last two posts- or even just this one- I want to thank you for coming through. To those of you who visit every week, once a month, or once a year- I truly appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedules to check up on my work. It’s so easy to get to the point of asking “why I’m not here or there yet”, but it’s so important to take the time to thank those who’ve gotten you right to where you are.
I’ve watched myself grow through capsules of photos features all over the internets. It’s crazy to be able to look at my blog as though its a photo album from my little pre-teen years to an “adult” now. I remember starting this blog for the simple joy of writing and hoping to get the word out about natural hair. For those of you who have really been around, you know that Eboni Curls started out as a natural hair blog- hence the ‘curls’ in 'Eboni Curls'! The revamp of Eboni Curls from a hair blog to a to a fashion blog itself was a level of growth I didn’t foresee, but couldn’t be more proud of. This blog is truly a passion of mine and being able to share it with anyone is a blessing. I’m grateful for every one of your rooting for me! 
With that being said, I’ve created a look inspired by SZA’s hit “Garden (Say it Like Dat)". I’ve been a SZA fan since her mixtape “Z”, and I love her more with each and every tweet, instagram post, song.release etc. What I loved most about the visual aspect of this song is how simple and natural it was. The intimacy between SZA, Childish Gambino, SZA’s mother and the scenery created such a tranquil visual. HUGE shoutout to Karena Evans for the brilliance with this one. I had to pull together something!
With that being said, here’s a look at my spin on SZA’s Garden (Say it Like Dat)!”

zara knit top / garage denim shorts / vintage scarf 



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