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Greeting my friends! 
top + pants from urban planet / mendocino sunglasses
I trust the last bit of summer is treating you well. It feels like I repeat that same "I can't believe how quickly time is flying" line far too often. *sigh*

Either way, such is life. It's funny to think about all the times I had wished to be this old as child. *sigh*

If you remember my last post, we spoke about my choice to take a break from blogging and social media. This post will focus a bit on that, but highlight more of what I did to create the prime atmosphere to get back on my feet. Particularly, my mental state-of-mind.

Keep in mind, you absolutely do not need to go on vacation, or anywhere for that matter, in order to take a successful hiatus from social media. That's the beauty of it- easy access means you can just as easily not access it. Physically, of course. Reminding yourself not to scroll, double tap or checking likes isn't quite that simple.

I took each day as it came and kept myself occupied doing everything but focusing on the blog for a while. Before I took my little family trip to the north, I spent my time doing whatever I wanted without guilting mysef for not tending to the blog. This is an important one! You have to truly believe that you deserve to have this break. To take time for you when needed. Guilting yourself for taking time away will only become more mentally detrimental over time.

I took this time to read more, cook more, watch more netflix and just spend time with my closest friends and family. I was also sure to spend ample time with myself to truly find out what my goals were and where I was without the access to easy comparsion through social media. It allowed me to focus my attention on things that deserved it. 

In order for this to be successful, I had to start from ground zero and allow myself that break I knew I not only needed- but deserved. I focused my time on living!

When it comes to social media, it’s so easy to live your life through a screen. Everything you could possibly think of is accessible through this little LED screen. Try putting it down every once in a while. Your thumbs will thank you (seriously though, your hands do A LOT). Although it may be challenging, listen to your mind when it tells you it wants a break. That goes for anything in life! 

 Now, onto the fashion! 

I found both of these pieces at Urban Planet for a beautiful $10 each. Ohhhh how I love a sale! 

I put them together with the intention of creating yet another carefree look. I wasn't going for glamour, but more of a "vacation chic". Comfortable, cool and clean!

Bear in mind- I was barefoot for most of this vacation, so the flip flops? A very casual (and comfortable) add indeed.

Take a look:

Spend more time looking up, rather than down and you’ll start to see a significant change in your perspective. You’ll thank yourself sooner or later. 



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