Ladies First

Hello Everyone!! 

It was a rainy weekend here in the GTA. I can't lie and say I don't appreciate the rain every once and while. Nothing says "curl up and do nothing" the way rain does. *sigh*.

This weekend ended up being exactly one of those for me. I made multiple "to-do" lists and actually did very little-- and that's ok. 

I'm learning that I'm allowed to allot myself time to just be. It's hard as a full time student to even understand the concept of "down-time" when you've given all your time to your studies and/or work. I'm not saying be lazy, and give yourself free time ALL the time, but I'm saying allow your mind and your body the time is needs to reset every so often. It's good to switch it up and chill- whether it's with Netflix or not. 

Once I pulled myself out of my pajamas, I put together this look which reminds me of one of the best collaborations the have ever been recorded...

Ladies First x Queen Latifah + Monie Love. 

Do yourself a favour and get familiar with the song. It has so much to many RIGHT things to say. It was the beret that threw this look right into "boss lady" mode for me. Those of you who truly know me know me as a feminist day in, day out. It's no surprise that a blazer and a pair of heels instantly put me in work mode. For those of you who truly truly know me, you know old school hip hop has my heart- hence, Ladies First. 

Here's a look at my take on Ladies First: 

vintage beret and clutch + xxi white blazer and earrings + american eagle jeans + karl lagerfeld shoes

found this gem while I was digging in my grandmothers closet. the best

Don't forget to let yourself  b r e a t h e! 



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