Cheers everyone! 
I hope you're all enjoying the tail end of your long weekend. It's definitely needed. Breaks are always nice. So obviously, we're going to talk about them. 

I've found lately that I need more break's than often. Breaks from the fast paced world, breaks from social media, doing one thing for too long etc. 

It's become too easy to pass up on allowing yourself time to recuperate. Everyday I see or hear folks commending themselves for losing sleep ("sleep is for the weak"), eating nutrient-deficient food or no food at all, by choice. I've heard folks brag about their ability to run on 1-2 hours of sleep and get through entire days. I've been there- trust me. I'm a full time university student with a part time job and lots of things to keep up with (including my passion, blogging). So I too, have been one of these people in the past- only recently did I realize the true damage I'm causing myself by depriving my body of what it needs.

Thus, the breakthrough of breaks. 

Here are a few ways I get my breaks in: 

Meditation allllllways works for me. I don't mean sitting cross-legged and closing your eyes throughout the day- but taking time out just to breathe and be present where you are. You won't realize how much you're holding on your chest until you let go of it- I promise. Even if it's just for a minute. Deep breath in, deep breath out. 

Walks are so underrated. Taking a short walk not only gets you out of whatever environment you may have been stuck in, but it gets you a bit of exercise too. It'll help refresh your mind so you're not stuck looking at the same walls, breathing the same air and feeling that same stagnant feeling. 

For goodness sakes- EAT GOOD FOOD! You don't have to pay $26 for a salad in a bowl that you created yourself- but make an effort to eat things that will do good for your body. Your body does so much for you everyday- treat it! Eat good food, get exercise and praise yourself. That's proven to be the hardest one for me to date- loving my body no matter how it looks. Be grateful for every bone and every limb that allows you to do what you do. Be nice to yourself.

I'm working on practicing what I preach here. I'm not perfect, and I don't always do these things myself- but I'm a work in progress- and that's ok. As nike says- "just do it!"
 And if all else fails, have a break....have a kit kat. 

With that being said, here's a look at my latest #ootd.

uniqlo trousers / zara bag 
ny sunglasses

nine west heels, style: 'henra'

Have you allowed yourself that break yet? 



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