Cheers Everyone! 

Everything is finally coming together as planned. I've officially completed my third year in university (woot!!!) , just in time for the beautiful weather outside. Truthfully, it's been extremely hard to pull inspiration for the past little while. The "instagram demon" has been steadily reminding me that I'm not good enough, that I'm not where I want to be and that everyone else is passing me in this social media race we all participate in. It's so easy- too easy to get caught up in thinking the worst of yourself. It's been a journey for me, reminding myself that the work I put out- that my art is from my heart, and its purpose is to serve that passion. When we get obsessed with how many followers we have any how many likes we're getting- where does the joy come from then? Validation from others cannot be a viable answer here. While we've all heard this time and time again, a reminder every once in a while won't hurt. Get the heck off of social media and just live. Do things that you enjoy doing and don't post it- you'll enjoy it even more. I promise. 

With that being said, Janelle Monae's 'Pynk' absoutely influenced today's ensemble. In case you didn't know, pink is my favourite colour. In this storm of not being satisfied with myself, I found this song to be a constant reminder of being ok with who I am, whole heartedly. With that being said- here's this week's outfit! 
zaful sweater // urban planet pants // aeren waters ombré clutch // white nikes // xxi sunnies // h&m tassel earrings

Get that comparison ish OUTTA HERE. Live your life. You'll thank youself later. 



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