Cheers Everyone! 

As soon as the weather in the GTA started to warm up…it went right back down- figures. I couldn’t be more excited for spring to roll around. I like to view it as the earths rebirth. It’s starting over again, and I take that analogy quite literally. I apply it very closely to my life.

Everything starts to get busy around springtime. #MidtermSZN starts, work may get a little busier, more people want to get together because the weather is nice etc. This rebirth is more than just a reset button, but sort of a deep breath. I like to take this time to reflect and get ish done. What do I truly want to accomplish? How can I accomplish it? Planning is vital here. You never want to hit a restart button without an action plan- you won’t do your best! If you’re content with being mediocre- then be my guest. But if you want better for yourself, do yourself a favour and put together an execution plan. Trust me- you’ll thank yourself later. 

Things are so beautiful around this time— how often do you stop to smell the roses? Or the fresh air, or the rain? I find this to be a primetime for taking advantage of what the world has to offer. Technology has become such a vital part of our day-to-day lives, but keep in mind how much the world in all it’s glory has to offer. Something as small as taking a walk outside can really give you the tranquility you need to move forward. Take a break, take a breath of fresh air and get back to it!

I chose to shoot this ensemble in the forest to demonstrate this sort of “breath of fresh air” I’m speaking about. We've already reached the third month of the year- how? I wish I knew. But time waits for no one, and I know that in order for me to put my best foot forward, I have to take care of myself far more in depth than treating my skin to a face mask once a week and a glass of wine here and there. While fashion for me can be a “breath of fresh air”, I’m trying to find ways to stimulate my mind and add more colour, more joy and more simplicity to my life. Thus- the woods. As a child I absolutely loved nature walks and I figured, why not revisit that as my breath of fresh air? I was greeted by so many birds and saw (and heard) my very first woodpecker. Had I stayed home or even shot in my normal spot (see, almost every blogpost I have up), I would’ve never seen such beauty. It was a treat for my mind and my body. PLUS- I put together a completely different visual for you all, which is such a satisfying feeling! 

I hope you find the time to really give yourself a break. Things get overwhelming- but find new ways to stimulate your mind and free yourself of all of the burdens you carry around on the daily. This is meant to be a very small #SelfCare101 post. Take it as a sign.

With that- let’s get into todays #OOTD!

vintage coat // uniqlo ribbed turtle neck // zara pinstripe trousers // boho queen statement necklace // sam edelman boots

H & M earrings

How are you going to allow your body, your mind and soul that "deep breath"? 
Make it sooner than later. You'll thank yourself. 



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