Cloré Beauty X Gabrielle Union Flawless Line

Cheers Everyone! 

I had the opportunity to work alongside Cloré Beauty supply to review Gabrielle Union's Flawless Hair care line with a few other lovely local influencers! 

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This may be a familiar review to you. I received other products from the Flawless line through the WOC Beauty subscription box-- which I reviewed here.

This time around, I got the chance to try the Oil treatment. What caught my attention with this product is the different suuuper beneficial oils it has, plus its ability to fight humidity. Here are just a few benefits that the website mentioned: 

  • Silicone-free oil doubles as a styling aid and nourishing treatment
  • Fast absorbing formula with lasting hydration and shine
  • Perfect moisture booster to mix with other product
  • Citrusy fresh, yet sultry amber aroma - exclusive to Flawless

After trying the product on wet hair, I noticed that there were some genuine differences. 

1) My hair was significantly shinier.

2) My hair "listened" better. I was cooperating well with what I tried doing with it. Not one piece of my hair laid out of place.

3) My hair felt really moisturized. Nourishment was not an issue with this product!

We had the chance to sit and chat about the different products that we tried at a panel at the Cloré Beauty Supply Brampton location on Saturday.

The panel discussion was great and really insightful with regard to all of the different products we got to try. We also got to go home with a bunch of other Gabrielle Union goodies-- score! I can't get enough of her line! Check out more photos of the event below:

Overall it was such a great experience. It felt so amazing to be surrounded by other local natural influencers who all got to try different products from her line. I can't express my gratefulness for her line for the simple fact that it shows black women that we can still wear our wigs, weaves and braids and have our natural hair flourish! Her line exists to show women that it's possible, and I think it's so important to hear- especially from someone who knows the entertainment business as well as she does. 

A huge shout out goes to Gabrielle Union for creating this line, Flawless Hair Canada for working with us and Cloré beauty supply for holding this event! You can check out more photos from the event on the Cloré Beauty Supply instagram and facebook page

Be sure to check out all of the other influencers to see what products they used and how it worked for them.



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