It's Black History Month.

Black Panther- an ALL BLACK CAST directed by a  BLACK DIRECTOR (Ryan Coogler)-- just came out.

Black people worldwide are supporting this film and it's expected to surpass $200 M's in opening weekend. 


I absolutely wore all black, wore all black paraphenilia and gave the theater some heavy coin in support of Black Panther. Why??

Because they're black.

I brought my grandparents along and we watched the entire film in D-Box--which was AMAZING. It's comforting to think that one day I can tell my kids I had the chance to be apart of a this movement-- and it really is a movement.

Representation truly TRULY matters and this movie is revolutionary for all the little black and brown kids worldwide. They get to see men and women who look like them in a strong, positive light- and I'm all for dropping coin on THAT.

As a child, not only did I have a very small scope of who represented my people in a positive light- but what I saw was heavily American based. As a Caribbean Canadian, I had my exposure to Caribbean culture, but very rarely did I see any depictions of African people that didn't show them as savages or as poor people who lived in mudhuts and had nothing better to do than to beg. To see an entire nation made up of black people in a strong, united way- even if it is fictional, was enough to demonstrate to so many people that we, black people, are so much more than what the media depicts us as. I am so proud and excited to see an uncoming generation who is aware of this. It opens an entirely new world of what little black kids can do- and what they can see themselves doing.

This goes down in my books as one my of happiest moments to be black- and I'm ALWAYS unapologetically black.

As I said, I of course wore all black- duh. Here's a look at my Black Panther inspired look.

my face when people's phone go off during the movie...

Toni Daley 'Toni' Earrings
They have a gorgeous Black Panther set too! 

So Laci Like pin


To those of you who aren't black--

A simple reminder that this movie is a huge deal to black folk for multiple reasons. We are constantly depicted in images that represent us in detrimental lights. To have an entire HOLLYWOOD movie with black folks AND directed by a black director-- #RepresentationMatters. I encourage all folks to see this movie. It was absolutely amazing.


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