The Northern Tux

Cheers Everyone! 

We've finally hit February. 

My goodness.

January was a challenging month in many ways but I am nothing short of grateful. I was able to learn so much that I could apply to my everyday life that I truly appreciate. While it's nice the be back into the swing of having a schedule, things are getting busy and time management is becoming more and more of a task I need to master. Who doesn't need to master time management? One of my favourite hustlers Pauleanna Reid said-- 
I don't like hearing people say they don't have time to do something. In my head, I'm sayin' "Nah bruh, you just mismanage it."

And she's not wrong in the slightest. Mastering where you spend your time completely alters what you do in 24 hours and how.
It is without a doubt, something I was forced to work on this January and into February. 

No more mismanaging time. 

Beyond that-- it's still cold here in Canada and I caught a cold (ugggghhhhhhhhhhh) but I managed to pull together a look for you all. Yes I shot outside, yes I am more sick because of it....but I am so so SO in love with this look that I don't even care. Like, at all. 
Take a look at my rendition of the "Canadian tuxedo"--
The Northern Tux. 
zara denim jacket + culottes / xxi turtle neck / h&m necklace / sam edelman boots

I adored the sherpa lining on this jacket. While the two denim pieces I have in this look don't exactly match, I found that the sherpa added to the depth of the overall look and pulled everything together quite nicely! 

photograher: Essence Morgan

What boundaries are you breaking through time management? How are you getting ish done?! 


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