I come to you with two less teeth...

I had two wisdom teeth removed yesterday.

With a bruised and swollen mouth, I'm asking you-- 
How has 2018 been? Have you been keeping up with your goals? Are you holding yourself accountable? Are you making the right moves? 
I would be lying if I said this year hasn't already had its challenges. That's life! As kendrick Lamar put it-

"would you bounce back or bounce backwards?"

Try your hardest to get your goals accomplished. Trust that you're not alone-- we've all been there! 
Since I've been trying to hold myself accountable to posting every week on time, I will admit that this post is late because of my extractions-- but my post is here nonetheless! 

I wanted to go for something that works for multiple different scenarios. As a full time student who works part time in an office setting, going from work to school or school to work to a last minute meeting isn't brand new for me. I love working with different looks that are both school and work appropriate. 

With that in mind, here's a look at today's #OOTD.

vintage le chateau coat | h&m houndstooth trousers | xxi belt | aeren waters pouch | vintage black bodysuit | hibou boots

xxi frames

Step out of your comfort zone!!! Remember that although we're a month in and time is moving quickly-- we're only a month in. It's ok to screw up. What's important is that you get back on track and make sure you try your best to stay there.

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