Hey y'all!! 
It's been a long while. I made it through my exchange in Barbados! It was an absolutely amazing trip and experience, to say the least. 
Being back home and reflecting on the trip really allowed me to understand my full potential. Being away challenged me, it drove me crazy, it humbled me and it provided me with some serious life lessons. It it so easy to let life pass you by without stepping outside of your comfort zone-- stop doing it. 2018 has become my year to freak myself tf out. It may not be easy, but what's stopping me? What's stopping you? Why haven't you done something that scares you yet? 
Stepping out and creating another #ootd today was scary. I had stepped away from the computer and from blogging in general while I was away. To come back and create something for you all to see was nerve-racking.
 Nonetheless-- no matter how terrifying it might be, take the chance and do something new. You'll thank yourself for it later.
With that said-- here's my first #OOTD of 2018- 

zara ribbed turtle neck // vintage jeans + jacket // black doc martens // saint glasses
shoots can't be lit without a playlist, right?

mac 'high drama' retro matte lipstick

have you terrified yourself yet today? 

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