FGM X ECB: Blossom

Cheers everyone! 
As per my last FGM X ECB post-- here is the second segment featured in the first issue of Fly Girl Magazine.
This outfit sets off a much different tone than the first one.
As someone who loves functionality, this look was a hit. This romper is a staple in my closet for the simple fact that I can dress it up or down.
I wanted to pull together a more "sweet" look compared to Azure's savory palette. 
One of the best things about rompers- or any pieced together outfit for that matter- is that the options are endless when it comes to pairing it with a variety of different accessories, shoes or more. With this look, I wanted to show a softer side.  I chose to express that summertime-- in its most pure form is serene. Warm, caressing...growth. The flowers demonstrated a growth that I didn't only experience, but felt within myself as well. I had grown from a bud to a flower, and my journey was only beginning.
Here's a look at 'Blossom'--

I wanted to pair a statement necklace with the outfit to pull attention to the dimensions of the outfit. Simple yet statement.

I absolutely loved these shoes! They served as a pop of difference to the rest of the outfit. 

Check out this part of spread in Fly Girl Mag

Overall, I aimed to create a look to show the softer side of me. Often times, my personality conveys a go-getter-- someone with a hard outer-shell and an even harder core. But demonstrating a more soft side allows people to see that there's more to me than what I may show! 

Stay tuned for the final look in Fly Girl Magazine! 


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