FGM X ECB: Azure

Before moving to Barbados, I collaborated with Fly Girl Magazine to create 3 looks that I think embody just a few different sides of myself. 

Although a very brand new, nerve-racking experience (I've never lived outside of Canada-- or been away from my twin sister for more than a week), so far, it's proven to be filled with constant teaching moments, challenges and of course- fun! 
I've always used fashion as an art expression-- something to demonstrate my innermost thoughts and feelings without explaining anything to anyone. My outfits often double as conversation starters and quiet, observable ensembles. This is part of the reason why I rarely describe my sense of "style" to suit any sort of umbrella terms for any given trend. 
My style is subject to change at any given time- and that's what I love about fashion. 
I'll be presenting a single Fly Girl x Eboni Curls Blog look each week for the next three weeks, with a bit of a background of each look and what inspired it.

Without further ado-- let's start with look number one: Azure.

To start off-- this look is pretty simple. Honestly! I didn't want to pull together anything to intricate, but felt that blue was a suitable colour to play with. 
As my departure to Barbados approached, I found my mind constantly drifting back to the crystal clear waters that surround the island. When I was younger, I used to compete in swimming and I was always intrigued by how swiftly the human body can move with or against water. Swimming still remains a passion of mine, so of course blue waters was one huge plus for me on this exchange. I decided to express that in this look by bringing together different blue hues (peep the blue liquid liner!). I was ecstatic and the euphoria grew greater and greater with time. 
I found the scarf-turned-bandeau from H&M years ago, never with the intentions of wearing it as a top! I snagged these bell-bottom jeans from Zara and found that it added a more relaxed feel to the overall look. These silver Steve Madden heels were thrifted and pulled together the cool hues in the outfit nicely. Why not add in a splash of colour where you can? 

This look would definitely demonstrate a more risk-taking side of myself. Adventure, new experiences and excitement were steady on my mind and communicated through this outfit through experimentation! Who says a garment has to act as its intentional pieces? A top can be a dress as a scarf can play a top. All you have to do is get a little creative. 

Being a #FlyGirl in this outfit was all about taking chances. I wanted to create a fun, eye-catching look that not only sat on my body but told a story-- a confidence-exuding story. 
What's your idea of a #FlyGirl?

Don't forget to check out the first issue of Fly Girl Mag! A huge shoutout to Alaina for creating a platform in celebration of women of colour. My appreciation is so sincere.


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