Excuse my absense for the past little while. Adjusting has been quite a journey. Barbados has been revealing all of its crevices of beauty and I'm nothing short of appreciative. 
While I am soaking in all of its beauty, I had the opportunity to surprise my twin sister (vlog will be up soon)  for Thanksgiving. If you follow me closely on social media, you know how much I miss my other half! 
It felt so nice to be home and experience a real Autumn- who would have thought I'd miss chilly weather? I feel like I'm betraying my love for summer and warm weather but...Fall surely takes the cake. Let's not forget fall fashion, either. Autumn/Winter looks....*sigh*
Thanksgiving is not a holiday here in Barbados, but over the past few months, I haven't forgetten to be thankful for everything in my life right now. The struggles, the tears, the failures and the successes- they all play a part in shaping who I am. For that, I am grateful. 
This thanksgiving for me was a lot more appreciative than past Thanksgivings. I had the chance to take a 4 day break from a once in a lifetime opportunity- and I needed it. It's possible to take a "break" from a break. Adjusting and navigating through this time in my life in a completely new place is challenging, to say the least. The 4 day hiatus I took reminded me of why I am here, and re-introduced me to the beauties of both my home, and my new tropical home. It was an experience of duality that I truly appreciate.
My sister and I had the chance to make some magic and pull together a quick Thanksgiving #OOTD in-between tears and laughter. I've loved this jumpsuit since the moment I bought it and there are so many ways to style it!! Check out 'Frayed' for a different look altogether using the same suit.
Here's a look at how I styled my outfit this time around:
xxi denim jumsuit + sleeveless turtleneck 

xxi glasses

vintage heels

I hope you all had a beautiful Thanksgiving! Don't forget to practice gratitude on the daily. 


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