Back to School in Barbados

Hello Everyone! 
I have some really excited news to share with you! 
I've been accepted to study abroad in Barbados for a semester! 


I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared out of my mind for this experience.
I know that change can be great, but before it gets there, it can be absolutely terrifying.
I'm constantly reminding myself that this is an opportunity of a lifetime-- and I am capable.

I will of course be updating all of you on my experiences and outfits while I'm away! 

To get myself a bit more into the groove of no crunchy leaves, steaming apple cider and the art of layering in Fall (queue screaming) I've collaborate with Zaful to give you a look at two ensembles I'm sure to wear while abraod! 

Back to School in Barbados I

Back to School in Barbados II
Of course this look isn't for school-- but how could I pass up on pulling together a beach look while away?! 

What do you want from Zaful's Back to School promo? 

Let me know! 


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