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Cheers Everyone! 
I'm  going to jump right into what I'm sharing with you all. Like, really jump into it.
My fellow Canadians who shop online-- I'm sure most of you think of one word when I say shipping...
I know, I get it.
U.K.,  you're in with this too! Anywhere you are in the world-- if high shipping costs, or lack of shipping grinds your gears, hear me out on this one.
For those of you who share the same volatile thoughts us Canadians do when we find something extremely cute (and sometimes on sale!) online pre-checkout, this program is for you!! 
I remember shopping online and getting excited about a "free shipping" notice that would often be erased as soon as I typed in "Canada" as my country. Bummer.

myMallBox changes ALL of these issues for you. Why pay $30 for shipping when you can pay less than $10?
When you initially sign up for myMallBox, you're provided with a suite number located in Delaware, US. This is perfect for those "free shipping" promos! Once you have your unique suite number, you can shop as you usually do without the hassle of pricey shipping.

Choose anything you'd like! For the purpose of explaining to you how it really works, I ordered a package from the very well known glossier site. For those of you who don't know, they only ship within the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

I ran into a slight issue while ordering on the glossier site, though. Because they only ship to those countries, their addresses are preset to match that. In other words, the U.S. has zip codes and Canada as postal codes. 'Nuff said. 

myMallBox was able to resolve this issue by presenting the "buy for me" option, which allows me to explain to them exactly what I want, and they buy it for me with the credit I've added to my account. Not only am I shopping online, but someone can actually get it for me without the hassle of differing addresses. If you're able to enter the address provided to you by myMallBox, then you can enter that and have it shipped to your sweet suite in no time.
I know- and it gets better.
With the credit I've added on my account, I can use it to pay for the item or shipping. For my purchase, I used my credit to pay for some of my item, and the rest for my shipping costs.
Once I've ordered (or gotten myMallBox to order) my item, I wait a little bit. Chill out until it's reached my pretty little suite. 
Once I get an email notifying me of its arrival, I can ship it straight to me- yay!
If for any reason I'm not ready to ship it to me yet, I can let my package sit in my suite for up to 90 days.
I had the option to repackage my item since it was really small. This is a great option because it has the potential to lower the price of shipping even more. Yaaaaasss for frugal shopping! 
I ended up choosing a shipping option that cost only about $7. 
Because I ordered from a site that doesn't ship to Canada, it's a bit difficult to tell you how much the price for shipping would've differed between using myMallBox and regular shipping. But based on your average shipping prices from U.S. to Canada, I'm guessing that shipping would've been more that $7.
Wondering how you can get your hands on that cute dress that was only $15 but $55 after shipping costs? 
Check out myMallBox and get to shopping the right way. 
Here are some photos for "pics or it didn't happen" sake-- 
here's the cute little bubble wrap pouch the serum came in.
'super glow' by glossier.

Overall I had a great experience using myMallBox. Communication with their team was excellent, and they answered every question I had in a thorough, timely matter. 

So what are you waiting for? Go  S H O P using myMallBox

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