Cheers everyone! 
I hope you're all taking some serious advantage of Mother Nature's spew of sunny weather. I've been waiting for this!!
As I grow and learn, I'm working on building my blog into more of a safe space for my thoughts and experiences. Although I try not to be very personal, I do believe that what I put out there on the internet is read by people who may need to receive a message. As much as this blog is an outlet for my love for fashion, I hope to have an open dialogue with the lot of you at some point! 
Very quickly am I learning that self-love is vital for success. If you're comfortable with who you are who you're becoming, you're creating a strong, reliable foundation for yourself. Investing time into building yourself is one of the best investments to make. Having a rock-solid foundation and an understanding of who you are makes a leak-proof comfort you can't find anywhere else. 
Even when people assume the worst or talk about you behind your back-- you know for yourself that you are growing, learning and changing- and that's all that matters! People will always talk. The question is, 
"Will you bounce back or bounce backwards?" - Kendrick Lamar.
And of course, to end this on a musical note...
"Last night took and L but tonight I bounce back"- Big Sean.
He indeed has the right idea. 
Here's a look at today's outfit of the day!
XXI Denim Jumpsuit // vintage belt

call-it-spring cut out booties

XXI yellow sunnies // h & m dangling earrings

Remember that the ball is in your court more often than not. While you can't control what happens around you or what other people do-- remember that you have control over you and your actions. Make the decisions that work best for you! 

Take today by storm! 


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