Black Blogger Brunch

Hi Everyone! 

On Sunday I attended Nancy Kondo of Fancy Nancy's Black Blogger Brunch at Lil' Baci in Toronto.
It felt so great to celebrate and be united with Black bloggers from around the GTA!
It was such a humbling experience to see how many of us there are here in the  6IX. It's so important to remember to lift each other up, and that we can only move forwards when we're all pushing that way together.

We discussed issues that face the black community as bloggers, and its effects on how we are able to reach success in this business. The truth of the matter is that very often are black people, let alone black bloggers, faced with prejudice and exclusion when it comes to networking, working with brands or representing the black community in various ways. 
I would be lying if I had said I had never experienced any different treatment based on the colour of my skin. These issues are extremely real and more common than one would think. It was comforting to know that I'm not alone and to be surrounded by such determined, beautifully-melanated women! 

Brunches like these are the first step towards building one another up. Inspiration and support filled the room and it was a beautiful experience. A huge thanks to Nancy Kondo again for hosting this event alongside Cloré Beauty who sponsored it. I loved my goodie bag! 
Here are some photos I snapped during the event:
Lil' Baci @ 2013 Yonge St, Toronto.

Their House-Made Brioche French Toast was tasty! 

a few goodies I got in my Cloré gift bag!
zara bucket back // xxi body suit // skirt from Barbados boutique
layered neckalces definitely fits my list as a look I'll be keeping up this summer. #tb to when I was a kid and sported this look aaallll the time! 

I had a great time and I hope to connect with more of you soon! 

If we don't get around to meeting in person, feel free to drop me a line at
I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


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