Adidas Torsion Artillery

January has almost come to an end.
How was the introduction to your year? Whether a struggle or a breeze, remember to take a deep breath, take time for yourself and push on. You are in control of 2017-- and every year after that. Set your goals, visualize them, chase them and achieve them! January is just 1 out of 12 months for you to reach any-and-every goal! 

In honour of taking control of 2017 and hitting my goals, I'm really working on keeping consistent and posting as often as possible. I'm also working on creating more outfits based on inspirations from the city, music, books etc, and I came up with this look while walking down Queen St W a few weeks ago. I was attracted to the mix of styles (as Queen St always has) and decided to pull a beat face with a casual, tomboy outfit. 

Note: this look can definitely be dressed up with a pair of booties.

Here's a look at what I wore:
vintage adidas bomber // zara 'cigarette' jeans // sk8 hi-slim zip vans // saint glasses

This jacket belonged to my dad before I stole it (thanks dad). I'm obsessed with it and I love the laid-back vibe it gives!

Have a great week! 


*All photos shot by Essence Morgan unless stated otherwise.

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