Outfit of the Day: Sneaker Love

Hey All! 
If you've been a reader of Eboni Curls for a while, you have definitely been introduced to my sneaker-appreciation posts with my New Balance Pique Polo's and my Reebok FuryLite Slip On Luxe's. I've always had a love for sneakers and their ability to change entire looks with minimal effort. I've been exploring different shoes and various ways to to dress them in a way that suits my style and the look I'm aiming for- which changes on a day-to-day basis.

I then came across a gorgeous, unbelieveably versatile pair--the Vans Leather Sk8 Hi-Slim Zip's. 

thrifted wool-interior denim coat (similar) // XXI cropped crewneck (similar) // h&m white jeans  //  saint glasses frames

Like I said, I try to snag sneakers that suit my style, and these kicks in Whispering Pink + Blanc de Blanc couldn't be more Eboni- my favourite colour has and always will be pink! 
I styled these shoes with a bit of a throwback look, aiming to create a laid back, layered, carefree theme-- peep the 'frohawk and queue Lupe Fiasco's Kick, Push. 
I thrifted this wool interior denim coat from Black Market Vintage on Queen St. W for only $10-- score!

For my first pair of Vans, I'm so impressed with the comfort of the shoes. Not only was I able to shoot some pretty great photos in them, but the colour and build of the shoes created a versatile look and wear-- meaning I could pair it with a skirt, joggers, or leather- and it would match with ease! This also means that I can throw them on whenever without having to worry about being uncomfortable or having sore feet halfway through my day. I can have my cake and eat it too with these Sk8-Hi Slim Zips! 
Not to mention, Union Jack Boots has tons of different Vans from their newest collection to choose from. After having just one pair, it's fair to say that I have ignited a healthy addiction to the fit of Vans.

Unfortunately, Winter unexpectedly hit us in the 6IX yesterday, but as soon as that snow melts off the ground? You'll catch me gallivanting the streets in these sneakers pretty often.

A huge thank you to Shahan Bedi as well for captuing these shots! Check him out!

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