Social Print Studio: My Favourite Photo of 2015

Cheers everyone!
I was recently challenged by the Social Print Studio to find my favourite photo, shot by myself in 2015. Boy, 2015 was a big year for my camera and I. I had the opportunity to really find my stroke in what I aspire to shoot versus where I am right now. Finding my favourite photo was indeed a challenge.  Nonetheless, I was able to choose a photo I shot whilst in Barbados last year, which was one of the best trips I have ever been on in my 
I need to go back.  
But in the meantime, I've chosen this photo to reminisce upon...
f/4.6 | ISO 100 | No Flash
This is a photo of my father outside of a church following the sermon. My great-great aunt had just turned 90! 
I personally love this photo because I'm immediately drawn to the vitiligo on his neck. My Dad does, in fact have this skin disorder- all over his body to be precise. When we went for sea-baths during this trip (an early morning dip in the ocean) the pigments of melanin started to recuperate, almost as though they were fading back to his darker tone. I thought that was the coolest thing ever, and snapped a photo while he told me about it. 
My Dad also rarely wears button-up shirts, unless it's for a special occasion. For that reason, I had to get a photo of that too. 
Special thanks to Social Print Studio for approaching me and challenging me to really comb through my work. I could've easily chosen one of the thousand sunset or beach photos I shot in 2015, but this photo indirectly shows me the goodness of the island life.

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