Multifunctional and Timelessly Chic: Modern Mary

Let's be honest here. Carrying brown paper lunch-bags to work or school isn't cool or environmentally friendly anymore. Sadly, even I have carried my lunch in a wretched paper bag, or even a plastic bag. *sigh*
But imagine walking into work or school on the first day. You spent all last night planning your outfit and what accessories work best. Your hair, your make-up-- it's all been planned. You even have your healthy, kick-ass lunch in the fridge ready to go. Now imagine, walking into your morning meeting with one of these:
Croc in Grande- $185

Black is the New Black in Grande- $188

or this....

Royal Blu in Piccolo- $165

or ANY of these:

(from front to back) olive, grey vs. gray, black is the new black, cranberry- all piccolo ($165)

Right. It makes you actually want to walk in with a lunch. A healthy, "let's do this" type lunch.

Modern Mary is designed and founded by Torontonian and new mom, Teresa Santarsia. This gorgeous 100% Canadian brand takes pride in using soft, genuine leather for these fashion-forward clutches.

“I noticed a gap in the market for fine quality lunch bags. There was a profound need for an adult luxury lunch bag that was chic but also gender-neutral.” says Teresa Santarsia.

Jessica Moy from Lotus Leaf Communications has had her round with her Modern Mary lunch bag, and this to say about it:
“Modern Mary is the most luxurious lunch bag I’ve ever owned! I was so guilty for bringing my lunch in a reusable shopping bag which can be pretty gross since I’ve also used it for shoes and dirty gym clothes. Since using Modern Mary, I don’t have to worry about that because there’s more than enough space to fit a good sized container as well as my midday snacks. Everything is organized. I don’t have to worry about spillage from my containers shifting around. It’s amazing!” 

Not convinced yet? Check the stats:

I can whole-heartedly say I am impressed with these bags! They're versatile, and it's safe to say that the age of across-the-board products are in. These clutches can be used as make-up bags, toiletry bags for travel and so much more. Coming in two sizes (Piccolo-small and grande-large), you can determine how much you want to carry, and how you want to carry it with various different designs and hues.

Ready to shop? Check out the F/W15 collection here!


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