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I decided to put together a quick pictorial with steps on how I recreated the Beautiful Highlight & Chocolate Lips look by Monica of MonicaStyleMuse. Check out the Eboni Curls-ified version below!

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Liquid Foundation
Step 1. Foundation
I prepped my skin by washing my face using Dr. Bronner's Magic (liquid) Soap, and moisturizing my skin using the Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream from the Body Shop (review here). I used the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Liquid Foundation in shade 12.0 for coverage. This foundation is brand new, and Urban Decay wasn't kidding when they added 'weightless' to the name of this product. I felt like I had little-to-no make up on all night and it blended beautifully! Definitely a fav product.

I Love Stage Essence Primer

Step 2. Primer
I used the essence I Love stage Liquid Primer to prime my eyelids for my eyeshadow. I don't use primer very often, but I find that it really helps eyeshadow pop- especially when using a metallic or bright colour. I didn't want to use too much eyeshadow, so the primer really helped to bring out what I did apply.

After blending the primer...(it's kind of hard to see in the light, but it should look like you just applied a layer of light/white eyeliner!!)

e.l.f Eyeshadow Book
Step 3. Eye Shadow
Next, I used the e.l.f Eyeshadow book. Because my overall look was pretty simple, I used a deep purple, a black, a rose gold and a gold blended together. I didn't want too much of a statement lid or too much eyeshadow, so I left it pretty light, relying more on my mascara and eyeliner for pop- which you'll see later on.

mac studio fix powder, rimmel london brow pencil, anastasia beverly hills dip browyounique pencil and
moonstruck 3D fiber lashes
Step 4. Brows/Lashes & Water-Line/Clean Up
To play up my brows and get them on fleek, I used the Rimmel London Eyebrow Pencil in a dark brown and shaped them up using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow in Ebony. This dip brow is great and doesn't smudge at all! It stayed cleanly shaped all night. For my lashes, I used Younique's Moonstruck 3D Fiber Mascara. I stand by this mascara because it always gives me the length and volume I want. Every. single. time. For my water lines I applied the Younique Moonstruck Precision Pencil. This too, stayed on all night and kept my eyes looking fierce. I used to MAC Studio Fix Powder in NW45 to mattify my face. 

sephora 8hr wear perfect cover concealer
Step 5. Concealer
I blended in some concealer to bring back a bit of highlights after using the foundation and powder for a clean, even look. Because this is a solid concealer, I applied it to my face using my finger to warm it up first. I blended this Sephora concealer in using my blending bulb and a concealer brush for a finished look.

make up forever aqua rouge in colour 13
Step 6. Final Look
I used the Make Up Forever Aqua Rouge matte lippie in colour 13 to finish my look! What I love about this stain is that it also comes with a gloss on the opposite end-- so if I want a glossy look instead of a matte one, I'm good to go! This colour gives this look and over all clean, chocolate taste! I loved this look as soon as I watched Monica's tutorial and I had to give it a try. What do you think?

Let me know what you think in the comment box below! I think I'm getting the hang of this make-up thing now....


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