As many of you have heard-
#ALEXANDERWANGxHM became a real thing yesterday. Fights broke out, H&M locations were jam-packed, and a lucky bunch of people around the world got their hands one pieces from one of the biggest collaborations of all time. seriously. 

Athletic-equse pieces are definitely in this season, and it's easy to tell with this heck of a collaboration. After peeping Riri in the Jacquard-knit top and matching sports tights, everyone wanted a piece of what this team had to offer. Monochrome palettes with surprise vibrant colours, neoprene fabrics, minimalist, comfortable and affordable pieces just took the entire fashion world by complete storm. The H&M site was down for a few hours too......complete madness. Do I blame the people? Absolutely not. 

Take a peek and what Alexander Wang x H&M pieces are rocking my socks! Trust me, I really really really really need to pay H&M a visit....

Alexander Wang X H&M Wishlist

What pieces from the Alexander Wang X H&M collaboration are you hoping to get your hands on?


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