Outfit of the Day: Self Made

yessssss my hair is red!

*link below

H&M Fedora & Triangle-Necklace / Self Made Top / Garage Shorts / Material Girl Sneakers / XXI Glasses

'E' for Eboni Curls! 

First thing's first-
I'm a red-head. This really happened! I coloured my hair myself out of the blue….or red, rather. Cheesy joke…I'll stop. Anyways,  August 5th, 2014 marked my 4th year natural- hip hip hoooraaaay! Colouring it was a way of adding some more pizzaz to my locks in celebration of my journey. 

I coloured my hair using the Shea Moisture Bright Auburn colour, which is pretty much sold out every time I look around for it. It was meant to be! The bangs are the same as always, simple twist-outs.

I also hit up Caribana (I refuse to call it the Scotiabank Caribbean Parade or whatever) this year which was some good ol' fun. I was able to meet Matt  Mogul- the CEO of the t-shirt you see me wearing up there. A very popular brand among #TheSix aka Toronto, titled Self Made. Definitely one of the cleanest, simplest & fashion forward city brands out there, and definitely one of my favourites. If you've been keeping up with me on Instagram, I got a chance to meet a few pretty popular people…..which was waaaaay too exciting for me.

I plan on trying a lot more looks similar to this one. This was something new, considering I absolutely hate wearing overly baggy shirts and hats….which you wouldn't be able to tell from this look! I got a ton of 'stares' today with this outfit…..but isn't that a good thing? 


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