Outfit of the Day: Jazzy

I've got yet another #OOTD post for you all. I came up with this look forever ago and I've been dying to wear it out. One of my best girl friends had a get together a few nights ago and I finally got my chance to wear it out!

Here's a look:

Garage Top / XXI Pants / Expressions Flats / Urban Planet Necklace

Aldo Anchor Bracelet / XXI Bangle
Aldo Mid-Rings / XXI Bangles

"Pat Me On the Black" by Sally Hansen (Purple) // "Skullbones" by OPI (Grey)

Totally bought these pants because of the shape they carry- oh and of couuurse the pleats -- Pleats, Please!

I'm so glad I got the chance to wear this look. I can already feel the hues of Autumn rolling on in and I'm welcoming them with open arms. Rich colours? Ummmmmm, yes


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