We Made It!

Here are some photos I felt were fitting for a Prom post. Commencements + Banquet photos all together! 
I couldn't be more excited to close a chapter in my life as well as open a brand new one. Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2014! WE MADE IT!

Group photo!

My girls! They looked absolutely stunning!
Twin Pic!
lovely ladies of Queen E's Graduating class of 2014!

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We had to take a silly picture…...

from third grade to twelfth grade! We made it!
Twinny and I after our Commencements Ceremony! My dress is from White House | Black Market while in Pennsylvania. 

Limo Selfie! Yaaaay!

A closer look at the pattern of my gown

Always a silly photo in the works……excuse the photo quality!
Big Family Photo!! Parents & both sets of grandparents! 
Do I even look excited? I don't think so….. 
LOVED the decor!

I can't believe the time has come. Time flies! I really enjoyed myself over the past few celebrations. It is definitely bittersweet! For now, it's back to studying hard for diplomas and finishing any last minute assignments…..*phew*


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