Summer Essentials 2014

With the first day of summer (June 21st)  being just a few days away, I felt the need to pull together all of the looks I plan on rocking this beautiful season. From swim-suits, to lazy day ensembles, to just feeling like getting all dolled-up for no apparent reason, here are my Summer Essentials for 2014!

'Play it Up'

'Play it Up' by ebonicurls featuring beatle boots
 I love this look because of how may different colours it includes. All of it runs as a statement in my eyes, and this is an outfit you have to rock. You can't allow it to overpower you! It's a work of art that you're wearing. Play it up and own it!


"Uptown" by ebonicurls featuring a white shirt

This is the type of outfit to wear on a summer day/night out. Not necessarily anywhere fancy or even the club scene. This is just an outfit to wear where you're feeling cutesy  or just wanna bring a fresh look to the street. This is a personal fav! Calm, cool and collected…..ahhhh.

"Lazy Days"

"Lazy Days" by ebonicurls featuring a seamless tank

We all have lazy days during summertime- I feel as though it's inevitable! No need to go out in pyjamas…..I strongly dislike the thought of it. Pull together an effortless look that still creates a statement as you walk on by with your heavy feet. This is a lounging kind of look….go watch a movie, or sit on netflix all day…..'cause I know you do, and I know you want to.

"Beach Wear"

"Beach Wear" by ebonicurls featuring a floral swimsuit
Finally- swim wear! I absolutely adore swimming all year round, but there's something about swimming in summertime that makes it feel just right. Don't get me wrong- just relaxing by the poolside is great too! Pull together a complete bliss look with a maxi-tunic over top of your swimsuit. Be sure to keep a glass of lemonade by your side and a magazine at hand for complete refreshment.

I had too much fun putting these together. Literally, too much fun. There's just something about summer that screams paradoxical emotions like excitement and laziness…..*sigh* Can someone just throw me on a beach already!?


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