Outfit of the Day X Butterfly Treasure Chest

Just in time for the supposed summer sun (Snow?! In MAY?! Only in Canada!) accessories and colours of abundance are breaking ground and everything is becoming more vibrant! (Vivrant if you know your music) A beautiful brand called Butterfly Treasure Chest (Butterfly TC for short) has put forth simply gorgeous pieces to get you that eye-catching stare as you strut down the streets of the city listening to 'Flawless' by Beyoncé.

"Sailor Navy Blue"

"Taxi Yellow"

I wore the two pieces to complete a colour-blocking effect.

Winners Top/ Jay Manuel Satchel/ Boutique Blazer/ Aeropostale Jeans/ Butterfly TC Necklace & Bracelet

Here's a bit of background info so you can get to know the ladies behind this genius brand a bit more…

"3 Sisters with one dream ...

Melanie , Melissa and Dion are sisters who are highly dedicated, creative and artistically inclined to design one of a kind jewellery.  
Their individual lines Butterfly Treasure Chest (ButterflyTC) is  hand crafted with diligence and sophistication.
Once you receive your delicate one of a kind item, you will be left gratified and content! We aim for longevity and hope to develop a positive rapport with our customers that will last for generations

'We are committed to  keeping individuals fashionably up to speed with current trends.'

Exclusive, opulent and wonderfully tactile double knot necklaces, bracelets and earrings  are perfect for a day at work, evening and night. Our pieces are made of Jersey Knit light weight fabric that is super comfortable to wear. Sometimes all we need is a funky, unique but modern and classic accent to have the complete look! available in an array of colours. Handmade jewellery  that is crafted  with time and dedication that will leave you confident and bold when starting your insightful day! 

Our favourite colors to wear are our Taxi Yellow, Concrete Glam (deep green) and Lillac Splash pieces! However we love every single piece."

At this time, Butterfly TC does not have a website, but if you are interested in purchasing their pieces, feel free to follow them on instagram @Butterfly_TC or contact them at Butterflytreasurechest@gmail.com I recommend any piece to anyone looking for a new piece to spice-up their look! 


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