H&M Summer Issue Hi-Lites

For those of you who are avid H&M shoppers (like me) you know that H&M releases a free magazine each season to highlight trends, what they have in store, fashion icons, inspiring articles and more. 
I picked up the Summer 2014 issue as my heart skipped a beat- this means summer trends are finally moving on in! 

This issue was filled with utter greatness and I just had to share it. Side Note: I scribble notes all over these magazines circling what I like, making little comments and analytically critiquing the content. It's therapeutic for me….and a good pass-time. Here are some shots of what I fancied...

Front Cover 

Some words of Wisdom

#CurlyGirlProblems #TeamNatural #IUnderstand

I've always been intrigued by mens' fashion & this post opened my eyes even more. Love!

There is nothing else to say other than I NEED this skirt…. 

I slipped this photo in just to excite you all for summer vacation… 

'Au Naturel' has made it mainstream. Embrace your natural beauty!

Peep the hearts beside the ones my heart beats for!

OH how I love my Space Buns! Check them out in an #ootd post on Eboni Curls here!

Baby Hair Game? Chilli.

Not only is H&M slaying in the print media aspect of things, but they continue to keep eye-catching looks on site and in store- even if it may take a bit of digging.

H&M- I thank you for your wisdom and insight on today's fashion!
Keep the good stuff comin'.


*all photos included were shot of the MAGAZINE by me. I do not claim the featured content as my own*

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