Easter Sunday- Floral Flow

Happy Easter!
I felt the need to dress up more on the "cute" side yesterday for Easter dinner. Here are some photos! 

DEX Cardigan/ Forever 21 Floral Dress/ Nike Slip-On Sneakers/ Vintage Gold Chains circa '96
I used a curling wand to achieve the curls on each side of my head. I also cut my hair on impulse…..like- before these photos. Crazy, right? My hair is not stretched in this photo either. I used two mini-donut buns  to create this style.

Introducing SAILOR EBONI!- I was definitely feeling the double buns haha!

One thing you've gotta know about me, is I do a lot of things on impulse. Now, that could be a bad or good thing! In this case, it was good. I got rid of my braids. They're just started to annoy me and I found myself constantly searching the internet for new styles to try. That's another thing about me- I get bored with my hair super easily. So it finally dawned on me: "why not ditch the extensions and deal with your hair again?" 
Alrighty then. Challenge Accepted. #TeamNatural it is.
I totally put this hairstyle together and a slight Miley Cyrus joke, and ended up loving it. Who woulda thought?
I'm not sure how to explain to why I love this outfit so much- but I do. It definitely has to do with my "breaking of the shell" with florals and clashing pieces. Oh, and I love the sneakers. Soooooo laid back and simple. 

Hope you all had a blessed Easter! Did you eats lots of chocolate?


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