How to Wear It: SZA Style

If you haven't already heard for TDE's freshest and only femme-- where have you been?

I fell in love with her vibe after the first look. SZA (pronounced sizza) has been a constant inspiration to my outfits, and I don't see that changing any time soon. Her comfortable, masculine look continues to rock the world of fashion in a positive way, and I couldn't appreciate her sense of style more! 

Since I adore her look, I decided to create a post highlighting her best looks in my opinion, that can easily be recreate to put forth a very chic, laissez-fair look. 

The Jersey
After watching the music video for 'Teen Spirit,' I came to the conclusion that oversized jerseys are great. I've always had a love for them and seeing a mutual outfit was pretty exciting....I can't lie. A simple, oversized jersey seems to be a signature look from the TDE icon, and I can see why! Check out Clothes Minds for this infamous TDE jersey! 

The Sneaks
What's a tomboy without a pair of fresh sneakers? Time and time again, with almost every outfit I've seen, SZA has worn a pair of sneakers to effortlessly put together the perfect mix between chill and chic. Whether it's a pair of bright Nike's or some beat up converse- I can't get over the look. Get some Chucks why don't you? 

The Hair
Okay. Alright. SZA's hair. It's the first thing to draw your attention and it stays in the back of your mind for the rest of eternity. "Her hair is just.....just GORGEOUS!" Yup. I get it. This type of volume can be hard to attain, especially without this texture of hair-- but there are a variety of methods that can get you at least halfway there! Check out The Beauty DepartmentThe Beauty Departmenton how to create beautiful volume if you've got hair more on the straight side. If you're apart of the natural community like SZA, check out CurlyNikki or NaturallyCurly online for some great methods on how to achieve this style!

The Fresh Face
Ahhhhhhh. Feel that? That's a make up free face. From what I've seen, SZA doesn't wear a ton of make-up at all, which is suuuper refreshing. A simple wingtip and a subtle balm will do the trick. No need to pack on the make-up ladies! And if you chose too, go for a clean, natural look. Nothing beats natural beauty! Can I take a moment just to point out her freckles?……*sigh*

So now that you've the basics on how to re-create a SZA look….how will YOU do it?

Here's a song for a bit more inspiration….it's be on replay for quite some time on my phone.


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