Exude an Optimistic Aura with Alex and Ani

A single very important trait to carry around at all times, is positivity. Although times may be hard, one thing I always try to do is put things into perspective, and view situations in a brighter light. Often times, your predicament could be worse, and the first step towards constantly "viewing the cup half full" is to be grateful for what you currently have.Last year, I made it a goal to become a happier individual. The first step towards that, was simply being grateful for what I had. I started my journey as an optimist by sticking my nose into a truly amazing read- The Magic by Rhona Byrne. As time goes on, you'll see yourself subconsciously putting things into perspective, and learning not to over-work yourself. Remember to let things fall into place, and carry on through life being as happy as possible. As cliche as it may sound- life is short-- and we don't have time to waste!

One of the reasons I adore these bracelets by Alex and Ani, is because I wholeheartedly support the idea of promoting optimism among today's society. Such simple pieces creating such an impact! There are a variety of delicate jewels and charms guaranteed to fit your needs for positivity. Here are a few of my favourites: 

"Gypsy Wrap" 
"Spiritual Armor Wrap"

"Pastel Artists Palette" 
"Words are Powerful"

"Amethyst Luxe Beaded Bangle"
"Laugh Charm"

For a look at what other gorgeous pieces Alex and Ani have to offer, check out their site! Take a peek into their story, and their goals. Purchase a bangle to get a kick start on a happier, healthier life!


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