Outfit of the Day: Disclosure Inspiration

Hello Beautiful People,

If you follow me on twitter, you saw me confess my love for Disclosure and their music on my feed a few nights ago. I usually don't listen to the genre of electronic music- but after I heard Latch I was instantaneously hooked! Everyone I've shared their music with has also fallen in love- and rightfully so. Since I've been listening to non-stop Disclosure for the past couple of WEEKS….I decided to put together an outfit inspired solely by their music.

Often times, depending on my mood, I'll use music as my inspiration for an ensemble. In this case, I listened to almost the entire Settle album and came up with something simple, fashion forward yet still casual. Take a browse:

H&M Shirt / Forever 21 Jeans / Sirens Cardigan / Forever 21 Boots / Aldo Infinity Scarf

The make-up was kept simple! Some white eyeliner along the waterline to create the effect of larger eyes, some black liquid liner along the lash line, a couple swipes of mascara and of course some lip gloss! I also had my nail painted some bright, neon colours as a tribute to the vibrancy of their music. Voilá! 


The Signature Disclosure Face

I chose the loose fitting tops to create a more contemporary, clean look, and the high-waisted jeans are probably my favourite item in my closet right now. I chose the boots to create a more grunge look to subtly clash with the contemporary pieces.

Since this post is all about Disclosure, why not take a listen to some of the songs that helped pull this look together!


"Confess to Me"

"When a Fire Starts to Burn"

What's your favourite Disclosure song? I wanna know….I really wanna know. Let me know in the comment box below!


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