New Years' Resolutions 2014

2014 is still fresh and ready to be dealt with….

I have so many resolutions that I literally had to brainstorm to get all of my ideas onto paper. It's extremely exciting to be entering a new year, especially with so many once-in-a-lifetime events! Graduation is also happening this year and I couldn't be more eager to finish high school. I consider Eboni Curls a very important 'segment'; with determination and some hard work, I could get Eboni Curls exactly where I'd like it to be. As far as resolutions go, here's a list of things I want to accomplish this year.

1. Create a new and different segment on Eboni Curls 

2. Feature monthly guests for a "Look of the Month" 

3. Get more familiar with make-up 

4. Consistent posts.

5. Feature more beauty posts on Eboni Curls

6. Stay consistent with my YouTube Channel

7. Give back to my audience! 

8. Blog more about my natural hair journey

9. Feature Guest Bloggers

10. Become more interactive on my social networking sites

I can't follow through with all of these goals if I don't have your support! It's a fresh start- what's better than that? 

What are some resolutions you have? Feel free to leave a comment below!! 


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