Daytime to Date Night

So you finally got that date tonight. Dinner, a movie, maybe bowling? So many options, so many outfits !! I've created a simple guide to help you figure out how you could catch the eye of that beaux. Not to fear- Eboni Curls is here!

Daytime to Date Night


This look is more for a laid-back date. Very basic shades and pieces, are great for a subtle, yet chic look. Keeping the make-up simple with this outfit is also a good idea. Out of all three looks, this one takes the cakes for me!. Comfortable and chic? If you've been an avid reader, you know that comfortable and fashionable outfits are my everything. Pair with a biker leather jacket for a more edgy look- A lil' edginess never hurt nobody! Play with colour here and find what works! If it doesn't work….

"Make it work." -- Tim Gunn

Daytime to Date Night II

This look is great for a fancy dinner date. The colour scheme doesn't have too many alters from daytime to date night, and thank goodness for that! These colours blend together beautifully! It's more of a switch from daytime appropriate to evening wear attire as opposed to complete transitions. The lipstick and the purse work together perfectly as statement items to compliment the rest of the outfit. This fashion forward ensemble will definitely have his eyes on you all night.

Daytime to Date Night III


If you're living amongst warmer weather during the Winter months, you're super lucky and I wish I was there right now, dresses are a great way to create different looks for your date. This collage demonstrates a more playful, fun look, with a tidbit of sophistication with the fitted skirt. In daytime, the dress is a basic, tunic shape, paired with simple accessories for more of a dressed-down look. Personally, I would add a belt just to add a bit more 'Eboni' to it. In date night, the stripes, and scheme of the accessories don't change much from daytime. The great thing about dresses, is they can be worked in to an effortless, flawless look or a chic, 'night on the town' type of look. In date night, a loose fitting top works its way down into a fitted skirt- definitely eye catching. If you're living somewhere chillier like me, don't be afraid to experiment with tights and leggings! They can be serious life savers. Pair with a blazer in daytime as well as date night to keep warm and stylish. Don't be afraid of colour! 

So….which one these three fierce outfits is your favourite? I wanna know! 


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