New Years' 2014 Outfit Guide

2014 is upon us, and what could be better than starting the year off with a BANG? A quote I always follow is "if you look good, you feel good" which couldn't be more true. Dressing up is a way for me to express my mood, style inspiration, my challenges (in fashion of course- take risks!)- the whole nine. I've come up with three ideal outfits for New Years' Eve whether you're going to a party, spending it with the family or just some close friends. It is important to remember that a New Year is upon us- so going crazy with trends from 2013 will only bring attention to you in photos twenty years from now, along with the "what was I thinking?!" thoughts and comments! These outfits are simple, sleek and timeless- guaranteed to appear new and 'in' for the years to come. Looking good ain't neva hurt nobody! 

New Years' 2014

New Years' 2014 by ebonicurls featuring Vince Camuto

'POP'- I would most likely wear an outfit like this for a New Years Eve celebration. The pop of colour is extravagant yet subtle. It's a very simple outfit with items creating a very fresh, young look. Pair this with a simple cat-eye and you're set! Comfortable, flattering and perfect to ring in the new year! 

'Fitting'- This outfit is prime for the ladies hoping to accentuate their curves. A box fitting top is great when paired with a fitted skirt or pencil skirt. It draws the viewer to the hips- which is the aim in this outfit. Pair with a thick belt to create the effect of a smaller waist and some open toe shoes to finish of the lower half of the body. Don't forget the top half! Pair with a statement necklace and you're set. Perfect for a party night with friends.

'Classy'- Personally, I find this outfit as the epitome of a class, thus the title of the ensemble!  A black, sleek dress topped with gold accessories and minimal bling- and the shoes?! To die for! Prime outfit for those having a chic get together to celebrate a New Year. Pair with an eye catching clutch and the outfit is complete.

Which outfit are YOU? Leave a comment below- I'd love some feedback on what everyone is wearing for their New Years' Celebrations!


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