How to Wear It: I'm Going to a Concert!

Welcome, December!

The day has finally arrived…. Drake is in town for a concert and I'm going! Toronto STAND UP! Getting dressed for a concert can be stressful yet exciting all at the same time, if you've got an idea of what type of statement you're trying to make. For example, I'm shifting towards a masculine look with very classy, feminine accessories. Drake=Rap, but more of an R&B rap, thus the softer, more feminine pieces. Photos of my outfit will be up soon…..

In the meantime, if you're one of those people who has problems getting together an outfit for events such as a concert, this post is for you! Check out the looks below and chose one- you're bound to find something hot and fitting! Surely you'll get noticed by that artist on stage….

How to Wear It: I'm Going to a Concert!
How to Wear It: I'm Going to a Concert! by ebonicurls featuring army boots

How to Wear It: I'm Going to a Concert!

How To Wear It: I'm Going to a Concert!
How To Wear It: I'm Going to a Concert! by ebonicurls featuring a black nail polish

The masculine look seems to be taking charge of women's attire lately- and I love it. Putting forth male's clothing and making it seem feminine is a task for many, but I enjoy putting myself up for a challenge. The diversity of looks, feels, fits….oh the beauty of style and fashion! This is more along the lines of the outfit I will be wearing tonight. Peep the OVO crewneck I slipped in there….

If you're going to more of an uptown, glamorous concert….say Beyoncé for example- this outfit is the perfect cross of glam with a tidbit of edge. The shoes, the bag, the accessories all fall into a clean and classy category, whereas the leather jacket and phone case push for an edge. 

Not much of one to dress up for concerts? Not to worry! Sometimes, wearing something simple can create the biggest statement. I have such an obsession with white t-shirts because they can be played up or down so easily. In this outfit, I've paired a basic tee with a gorgeous pair of high-waisted pants (in my favourite colour) and a few chic accessories. This outfit is for more of an informal concert, say a band or an all-standing venue. Flat shoes call for comfort and so does the rest of this outfit! 

What outfit do you plan on wearing to your next concert?! 


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