How to Wear It: Winter Boots

If you live somewhere where Fall becomes Winter in about two weeks like me, it's time to keep those little piggies warm and amp up the 'boot' game! I know keeping your toes warm while looking stylish can be a problem, so I've created a spread that includes toasty-warm boots that also make a great fashion statement! Keep in mind I live in chilly Canada, so most of these boots also include grip to keep your footing, as well as fur or wool lining to keep you even toastier. Get ready to look and feel hot- no pun intended!

How to Wear It: Winter Boots

How to Wear It: Winter Boots by ebonicurls

1. Heavy Duty
These boots and my personal favourites. They fall into the knee-high boot trend while keeping half of your legs warm. I've gotten tons of compliments on the pair that I own and I wouldn't trade them in for anything!

2. Ankle
These boots are more for chilly weather, sans the excessive amounts of snow. There is no doubt that these bad-boys keep your feet toasty! Beware the colder days- layering may be mandatory to keep the rest of your legs warm!

3. Uggs
I was never a fan of Uggs. In my opinion, they're ugly. There- I said it! I've seen too many warped, salt-stained, colour altered boots to make me think otherwise. Since Uggs decided widened their selection of boots from basic to kind of cute, they've grown on me. Though I don't own a pair, I know many people who have sworn by them, claiming they retain plenty of heat in winter. *shrugs* I won't lie, an urge to own a pair has developed…..

Winter boots can be super versatile and great to top off an ensemble. What winter boots will you be sporting this winter? Happy Winter everyone!


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